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Granitestone, the newest technology in non-stick cookware
Made with ceramic and super strong titanium. Cooking with Granitestone is like cooking on air. Everything slides right off!

GRANITESTONE 5.5 In. Nonstick Egg Pan

A Great Conversation Starter! Don’t be fooled by the size...

Size: 5.5” width x 11” length x 1” depth

  • Novelty-sized pan that is just as good as our regular-sized products.
  • Start a conversation, one egg at a time.
  • Coated three times with our Granitestone finish for a superior nonstick cooking experience.
  • Melt-proof rubber handle for comfortable, cool grip
  • Anodized aluminum construction prevents heat-induced warping (and warping due to prolonged use).

Item No: 2276
UPC: 080313022760

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GRANITESTONE 5.5 In. Nonstick Egg Pan

Cool Touch Handles
Fits In Small Spaces
Easy to clean
Great for Small Kitchens and Apts

GRANITESTONE 5.5 In. Nonstick Egg Pan